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currency exchange rates from "15.12.2018."
Currency name Code Unit Rate
Australia Dollar AUD 1 MeanRate: 4,688640
BuyRateCache: 4,525710
BuyRateForeign: 4,571424
SellRateForeign: 4,829299
SellRateCache: 4,877592
Canada Dollar CAD 1 MeanRate: 4,892906
BuyRateCache: 4,747098
BuyRateForeign: 4,795048
SellRateForeign: 5,015229
SellRateCache: 5,065381
Czech Republic Koruna CZK 1 MeanRate: 0,286490
BuyRateCache: 0,276549
BuyRateForeign: 0,280760
SellRateForeign: 0,293652
SellRateCache: 0,296589
Denmark Krone DKK 1 MeanRate: 0,989854
BuyRateCache: 0,965256
BuyRateForeign: 0,975006
SellRateForeign: 1,009651
SellRateCache: 1,019748
Hungary Forint HUF 100 MeanRate: 2,281921
BuyRateCache: 2,202739
BuyRateForeign: 2,236283
SellRateForeign: 2,338969
SellRateCache: 2,362359
Japan Yen JPY 100 MeanRate: 5,763981
BuyRateCache: 5,563970
BuyRateForeign: 5,648701
SellRateForeign: 5,936900
SellRateCache: 5,996269
Norway Krone NOK 1 MeanRate: 0,759327
BuyRateCache: 0,740458
BuyRateForeign: 0,747937
SellRateForeign: 0,774514
SellRateCache: 0,782259
Sweden Krona SEK 1 MeanRate: 0,720238
BuyRateCache: 0,702340
BuyRateForeign: 0,709434
SellRateForeign: 0,734643
SellRateCache: 0,741989
Switzerland Franc CHF 1 MeanRate: 6,563929
BuyRateCache: 6,303341
BuyRateForeign: 6,367011
SellRateForeign: 6,760847
SellRateCache: 6,828455
United Kingdom Pound GBP 1 MeanRate: 8,228024
BuyRateCache: 7,942100
BuyRateForeign: 8,022323
SellRateForeign: 8,433725
SellRateCache: 8,518062
United States Dollar USD 1 MeanRate: 6,545905
BuyRateCache: 6,286033
BuyRateForeign: 6,349528
SellRateForeign: 6,742282
SellRateCache: 6,843416
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka BAM 1 MeanRate: 3,778447
BuyRateCache: 3,658444
BuyRateForeign: 3,733106
SellRateForeign: 3,823788
SellRateCache: 3,833347
Euro Member Countries EUR 1 MeanRate: 7,390000
BuyRateCache: 7,330000
BuyRateForeign: 7,340000
SellRateForeign: 7,440000
SellRateCache: 7,450000
Poland Zloty PLN 1 MeanRate: 1,719484
BuyRateCache: 1,659818
BuyRateForeign: 1,685094
SellRateForeign: 1,762471
SellRateCache: 1,780096

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