Central Bank of Turkey

currency exchange rates from "06/22/2021"
Currency name Code Unit Rate
Sources: http://www.tcmb.gov.tr
US DOLLAR USD 1Selling: 8.7490
Buying: 8.7141
Buying: 6.5020
DANISH KRONE DKK 1Selling: 1.4028
Buying: 1.3917
EURO EUR 1Selling: 10.4065
Buying: 10.3649
POUND STERLING GBP 1Selling: 12.1679
Buying: 12.0782
SWISS FRANK CHF 1Selling: 9.5303
Buying: 9.4412
SWEDISH KRONA SEK 1Selling: 1.0285
Buying: 1.0149
CANADIAN DOLLAR CAD 1Selling: 7.0905
Buying: 7.0059
KUWAITI DINAR KWD 1Selling: 29.6143
Buying: 28.3678
NORWEGIAN KRONE NOK 1Selling: 1.0209
Buying: 1.0110
SAUDI RIYAL SAR 1Selling: 2.3470
Buying: 2.3079
JAPENESE YEN JPY 100Selling: 7.9573
Buying: 7.8459

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