Impulse: view SMS and calls. Private Folder: protects data in your mobile SYMBIAN and NOKIA. Private Notes: password protected text notes in your SYMBIAN and NOKIA. ExRate: currecncy exchange rates from world banks SYMBIAN and NOKIA. SMS ONLINE RECEIVER: free number to reading SMS online.

The Private Folder mobile application provide functionality for creating private notes, store sms-messages, records of contacts and even files in a hidden password protected directory. You are no longer have to worry about hiding of data, the program will help you automatically hide all incoming and outgoing sms-messages, remote control and big number of other useful functions for protecting personal data in Symbian smartphone.


With the Private Notes application you can easily create, delete and edit password protected text notes and store them into hidden folder on your Symbian smartphone.


With ExRate tool for Symbain smartphones you can easily get the latest currency exchange rates from different world banks on your mobile phone. Europen Central Bank, Bank of Russia, Central Bank of Iceland, Danmarks Nationalbanky and etc. exist in app.

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